Failed to receive message from deepstream-test-4 (python)

I am running the deepstream test 4 on jetson but it fails to receive messages with a code provides in the link below in my computer: Deepstream test4 and AMQP nvmsg-broker error - #7 by camilosilva91
I changed the credentials to admin, admin as well.

my config file for rabbitmq is like this:
password = admin
hostname = localhost
username = admin
port = 5672
exchange = ds_exchange
topic = ds_topic

I also have changed these lines of code as I am using deepstream version 5.0


pyds.set_user_copyfunc(user_event_meta, meta_copy_func)
pyds.set_user_releasefunc(user_event_meta, meta_free_func)

• Hardware Platform: Jetson NX
• DeepStream Version: 5.0

question 1: how can I be sure to take the messages so that I will get sure it is working.
question2: what should I expect as a message that nvmsgbroker will send.

You can open logging for analysis. recording failure function and description. also include message you sent.
sudo chmod +x sources/tools/nvds_logger/
sudo ./sources/tools/nvds_logger/
please make sure you send message successfully first.

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Thank you for your response.
I was able to see the logs in the way you said but I still cannot run the reciever to be able to see the messages on another device.
I would be grateful if you can help me with this. Thanks.

I am not sure about the outside app, can you try with
1 Consume messages:

#Install the amqp-tools
sudo apt-get install amqp-tools

cat <
while read -r line; do
echo “$line”

chmod +x

2 Run the consumer:
amqp-consume -q “myqueue” -r “topicname” -e “amq.topic” ./ // “queue topic exchange” change accordingly.

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