Failed to set pipeline to PAUSED


I am trying to start perception inside docker. I am following instructions (, but on last step i am getting this…

root@b3f869679ccf:~# deepstream-360d-app -c DeepStream360d_Release/samples/configs/deepstream-360d-app/source10_gpu0.txt
HostName : b3f869679ccf
** ERROR: main:351: Failed to set pipeline to PAUSED
App run failed

Graphic Card: Titan X
Driver version: 140.79
CUDA Version: 10.0

May I know where you run from? remote terminal or from display desktop? if from remote terminal, Can you try
export DISPLAY=:0
sudo xhost +
first before you run deepstream-360d-app -c DeepStream360d_Release/samples/configs/deepstream-360d-app/source10_gpu0.txt within docker?

i am running from remote KVM, i tried your steps too, but still same problem.

Thank you

Right now, i am getting -
ERROR from nvmsgbroker: Could not configure supporting library.
Debug info: gstnvmsgbroker.c(325): gst_nvmsgbroker_start (): /GstPipeline:pipeline/GstNvMsgBroker:nvmsgbroker:
unable to connect to broker library
ERROR from nvmsgbroker: GStreamer error: state change failed and some element failed to post a proper error message with the reason for the failure.
Debug info: gstbasesink.c(5245): gst_base_sink_change_state (): /GstPipeline:pipeline/GstNvMsgBroker:nvmsgbroker:

if you just run perception server, please disable message broker in config,


if you want to run with message enabled, also should have analytic server running, check here for an introduction,

We are running analytic server on another server inside kubernetes. If we try kafkacat to kafka inside k8s we can se topics.