Failed to start configure USB flashing port for device mode

I booted up my device for the first time and the terminal screen comes up with a couple error messages before the screen begins to flash randomly. Then, after a while of flashing, the screen shows the error message.

Failed to start Configure USB flashing port for device mode.
See ‘systemctl status nv-14t-usb-device-mode.service’ for details.

I can’t type in the kernel or anything.


What is your method to configure the user account? Through the console or the GUI on monitor?

I haven’t been able to configure my user account. I just used the default configuration that comes with the file that you flash from the Nvidia website.


Are you using sdcard image or sdkmanager? Is it sdcard based module or emmc based?

I’m using the sdcard image and the sdcard based module.

Do you connect a monitor? What did you see on the monitor in the first boot?

Please also share the log from serial console.