Failed to start gdbserver on the device

Galaxy S6 edge plus
Android 6.0.1

when trying to launch the debug app in visual studio I get the Failed to attach error
run-as does not seem to have permission trying from adb command line

cannot root the phone as the boot loader is locked from AT&T

Hello Carson, thank you for the evaluation of our tool!
Sorry for the inconvience, but it looks that your phone is running the firmware version with the broken run-as utility.
Could you please attach the log files located in %AppData%\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight Tegra\Logs
and the output of “adb shell getprop” for your device?
Thank you!

Also, please check if previously released Nsight Tegra VSE 3.2 works with your device:
At first, it makes sense to try it with a new sample project created from “Android Native Application” project template.