Failed to start nvpmodel service on JetPack 4.4 DP with NX

I am facing the issue of “failed to start nvpmodel service”.
I use NX SoM and third party carrier bord.
I flashed JetPack 4.4 DP which is added third party config.
And ubuntu first boot is OK, but I couldn’t login.
(Enter ID and Pass but back login menu again)
Its log I confirmed shows “failed to start nvpmodel service”.
So, I checked nvpmodel.service on source.
I think nvpmodel.service refer /etc/nvpmodel.conf, but the file does not exist.
My confs are located “/etc/nvpmodel/”.
My confs are " nvpmodel_t186.conf, nvpmodel_t186_storm_ucm1.conf,nvpmodel_t186_ucm2.conf, nvpmodel_t194.conf, nvpmodel_t194_8gb.conf, nvpmodel_t194_p3668.conf.
Where nvpmodel.conf is ?

My operation is as followigs.

  1. Download JetPack 4.4 DP for NX(SoM) via SDK Manager(JetPack_4.4_DP_Linux_DP_JETSON_XAVIER_NX)
  2. Extracted and run third party script(Add configs)
  3. Flash

What do I solve this problem ?


No, I don’t think this issue is related to the existence of config file or not. "sudo nvpmodel -f " will create a config file if it does not exist.

It is more like the custom carrier board and their driver package causes some debug mode missing so nvpmodel is not able to use it.

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Thank you for your reply WayneWWW.
I’ll inquire them.