Failed to start url my-computer after installing orbit

I have used Isaac Sim for some time, however after installing Isaac Orbit, using these instructions Installation Guide — orbit documentation , Isaac Sim seems to be having multiple issues. First, I can no longer see most of my directories in the content tab after getting the message, “Failed to start url my-computer:” . A couple folders, like downloads and pictures show up, but nothing else. If I try to type in a different url, such as “/home/username/git/isaac_scripts” it can not be found by Isaac. Additionally, in the ‘window’ drop down menu the extensions option has disappeared, so I can not open any extensions such as the mujoco file importer.

Hi @naltyc - Can you confirm that you have followed instructions step by step?

At what step, you are getting the error? and also, can you share the log file?

Yes, I followed the instructions step by step including the building extensions step at the end.

This error showed up when I tried launching Isaac Sim after completing the installation. I did not try to launch it at any point in the middle as far as I can remember.

kit_20240314_132455.log (3.0 MB)