Failed to verify SMD while Booting Xavier


one of our Xavier Dev Board SOM suddenly stop working and not booting.
I tried to reflash it but while reflashing it get stuck at “tegrarcm_v2 --isapplet”.
I have attached the boot log

xavier.logs (121.8 KB)

Khagesh Khandelwal

You should probably include the flash logs. I am guessing that flash got part of the way in and wrote something, but then did not complete, and as a result your boot only goes so far. Hard to say though. What you really need to debug now is the flash process, and not the NX itself. I think full flash logs would be a benefit more than anything else at this point.

here i’m attaching flash log.error.txt (55.1 KB)

I don’t know enough about the NX flash to say for sure if the flash log was completed (hopefully someone else can look at the log), but the parts I saw looked successful. The boot log though pretty much guarantees a very early boot failure which repeats over and over, and I don’t know enough about what is inside early boot to comment on its failure. It could be related to what was flashed, or it might be something else…I think someone else will have to look at those logs.

I will say that if there is a flash failure, then it might be good to delete the flash software on the host PC and start again in case the software downloaded to the host PC had some issue. Perhaps the software being flashed is not correct.