Failing to add probe in gstreamer pipeline to capture an image on Jetson Orin

Dear Developers,
We are using a v4l2 camera for Jetson Orin to capture videos and pictures. The pipeline has four plugins: nvv4l2camerasrc → nvvidconv → nvegltransform → nveglglessink, now the capture window is running normally, while when we add a probe on nvv4l2camerasrc’s source pad using “gst_pad_add_probe” to grad a single image, the data buffer of the image is null and cannot be visited, but the image has a right width and height information. We have used the same pipeline and probe to successfully capture videos and pictures on Jetson Xavier, so is there any change in the way the new version is used? Attach is the callback function code of the probe.

code.txt (2.3 KB)

Any idea for this request.


On Jetpack 5, we use NvBufSurface and NvBuffer is deprecated. This may be cause of the failure. Pleas refer to this patch and apply it for accessing NvBufSurface:
Jetson Nano CSI Raspberry Pi Camera V2 upside down video when run an example with deepstream-app - #7 by DaneLLL

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