Fails at Boot after Installing JetPack 4.0 (Solved)

Jetson Xavier freezes at some point in the boot after installing JetPack 4.0. Here is a screenshot of where it stops:

The installer on the host computer shows that the board is successfully flashed.

Any idea of how to solve this issue?


I am not sure what is the issue. Are you able to share the full log?

I can only take pictures from the screen. I hope you can see them:


I think the most relevant part of the log is where is the last line where it stops:
rc.local[5561]: RTNETLINK answers: File exists

Is this a network issue? The Ethernet seems to work fine and the host computer can see it on the network.

Something that I noted is that when the log freezes the screen starts turning off and on again at ~2 second intervals.

You will probably want to delete your JetPack directory and start fresh (I would even recommend downloading JetPack itself again). Make sure to check that you have enough disk space (probably another 35GB on top of JetPack…use “df -H” to see available space).

Did what you said and still have the same issue.

Here is the screenshot of the “Post Installation” window on the host computer:

The flash itself seems valid. I have not attempted to flash yet or use JetPack on the Xavier (I am waiting for clone to become available first), so I can’t really say if the software should install or not. The particular issue of “Error: CUDA cannot be installed on device” is something seen before though. I don’t know if this is the same, but you might check this out:

NTFS and non-native Linux file systems are incapable of working. Permissions must be preserved during flash. “sudo” on your Xavier will fail (and many other things), and dpkg/apt require sudo. Reformat the drive you are using as ext4 and it should start working after a flash. The trick is that the permissions must be correct (meaning capable of being preserved Linux style) in the “rootfs/” subdirectory. That file system type and content are what go into system.img.raw.