Failure installing NVIDIA GPU Operator on OpenShift on AWS

I am running on OpenShift (version 4.6.48) on AWS and am trying to install version 1.8.2 of the NVIDIA GPU operator via the instructions at Installing the NVIDIA GPU Operator — NVIDIA Cloud Native Technologies documentation. However, step 8 is failing in that there is no installplan returned by the following command:

oc get installplan -n nvidia-gpu-operator

I need to install v1.8.2 (or later) of the NVIDIA GPU operator because of the bug reported in v1.8.0 at Appendix — NVIDIA Cloud Native Technologies documentation which says “GPU Operator v1.8.0 does not work well on RedHat OpenShift when a cluster-wide Proxy object is configured and causes constant restarts of driver container. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch release v1.8.2.”

Thanks in advance for your help,