Failure to Boot uImage Bare-Metal Image with Incorrect Kernel Start Address Display

I have created a bare-metal image (uImage) with a different kernel start address than the system image (Image). However, when attempting to boot the uImage, the debug information displays the kernel start address of the Image and, as a result, the image fails to boot.

The command for creating the image is as follows:
mkimage -A arm64 -C none -T kernel -a 0x80100000 -e 0x80100000 -d test.bin uImage

This is the debug information for loading the image:
[0014.697] E> tegrabl_display_clear: display is not initialized
[0014.702] W> Boot logo display failed…
[0014.706] I> Kernel EP: 0x80080000, DTB: 0x90000000
[0014.712] -----------------------------------------------
[0014.717] Synchronous Exception: UNKNOWN EXCEPTION
[0014.722] -----------------------------------------------
[0014.728] ESR 0x2000000: ec 0x0, il 0x1, iss 0x0

This is the complete debug information
minicom.txt (23.4 KB)