Failure to install CUDA on WSL Drivers (v455.38)

I realize this is a driver issue, but didn’t see any developer forums for that and it’s related to getting CUDA on WSL working. Feel free to move it if necessary, but I imagine a number of surfacebook3 users may run into this problem.

When running the v455.38 installation I get an error message saying Windows version is not compatible as well as no compatible hardware found. AFAIK I have properly set up my Windows insider build, and am using what should be a compatible GPU.

Apologies if this is a simple question but is there anyway to get more logging regarding the below failure? What OS Build does the installer think was found etc?

OS Build 20150.1000
GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q

Thank for reporting the issue. This is the right forum for your question because you are dealing with the targeted driver 455.38.
Could you report here what hardware of the GPU that you have in your PC where you tried to install the driver on?
You can check it out on the Details tab of the corresponding display adapter node in the Device Manager Windows tool (mmc snapin). the property of interest here is called Hardware Ids.

Thanks for the quick reply. Below are the Hardware IDs:


Thank you for the information. Acknowledging that we have received it and started to work on the fix.

Great! Thanks for the help. How should I expect a fix to be delivered (New driver version, new installer, etc)? Also is there any ETA that could be shared?

Can confirm that v455.41 driver installation works. Thanks again for the help!

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