Failure to install Jetpack 2.1

On a freshly installed and updated Ubuntu 14.04.

Running downloads everything, then as soon as it starts installing, it fails with a popup window saying “Installing Tegra Graphics Debugger 2.1.15341 failed. Return code 29”

Aside from the fact that error messages should be a bit more enlightening, what is going wrong?



The failure here was that I was trying to install the jetpack on a 14.04LTS running KDE rather than the brain-damaged default ubuntu desktop.

Seriously, nVidia? Seriously? Your software depends on the particular flavor of desktop environment? As if it were not bad enough that you require 14.04 (meaning that lots of newer hardware cannot be used as a development environment, as 14.04 does not support it). And all you can say as an error message is “return code 29”?

This kind of elementary stuff does not bode well for the quality of the rest of the software. You are not some small startup releasing early-access software. We expect much better software engineering from you.


There is a known issue that the installation path cannot contain any spaces. Can you check if this is the case for you?