Failure to unlock 'crypt_root' with fused module when ROOTFS_ENC=1

hello andrew.fernandes,

please check below to verify EKS image has update correctly,

On Target
you may running nvluks-srv-app on the target.
for instance, $ sudo /usr/sbin/nvluks-srv-app -c "luks-srv-ecid" -u
Result… 728eda7817027e6370774131e823763f

On Host
please check whether it shows the same by running the python script on the host,
for example,

# BR_CID: 0xE1012344705E35DE2C0000000BFF01C0          //Revise as your BR_CID
$ echo "f0e0d0c0b0a001020304050607080900" > ekb.key   //Revise as your EKB key
$ python3 -k ekb.key -c "luks-srv-ecid" -u -e "BR_CID" 

Result… 728eda7817027e6370774131e823763f