Falcor 4.2 ORCA content using HelloDXR shading problem

I was able to compile the Falcor 4.2 and I’m using the HelloDXR sample changing the scene files and other things, but looks like the shading is not accurate, the albedo in the scene is complete ignored, not sure if the 4.2 version has made some undocumented changes in the shading that require a different channel to calculate the outputs, or I’m just missing something, because it work with the default scene for HelloDXR, but looks like is a tuned scenario and it use a fscene, which are deprecated, and I want to avoid those files much as possible. The scenes I’m testing are BistroInterior. and ZeroDay.

Also, if you can tall me if there is any tool that could help me to debug the shaders, would be great.

btw, I’m running the scenes using a Quadro P5000 .

thanks in advance.