Falcor: Launching Mogwai using command line arguments?

Hi, as the title suggests, I’m wondering if anybody knows how to launch Mogwai with commands passed via the command line? I’d like to load a Render Graph .py file I’ve saved, and a scene to render it with.

Right now, I’m launching the Render Graph editor, loading my saved render graph, clicking “Open in Mogwai”, then loading my scene manually. Obviously this is getting pretty tiring :)

I’ve checked the Falcor documentation, but I couldn’t find any info. I’ve also tried searching the source code, but I couldn’t find any specific list of commands. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

To anybody out there wondering the same thing, I found a (partial) solution.

Mogwai supports “-script” as an argument to load a script immediately upon launch, like so:
-script C:\Falcor\MyScriptPath\myScript.py

Notice there are no “quotations” encapsulating the path.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Mogwai allows you to load directly into a scene via the command line arguments.

Hope this helps someone!