Falied save the test image in the files

[image] loaded ‘data/reversevendingmachine/test/Aluminium_Cans/aluminiumcan_24.jpg’ (4032x3024, 3 channels)
class 0002 - 1.000000 (Drink_Carton_Boxes)
imagenet: 100.00000% class #2 (Drink_Carton_Boxes)
[image] failed to save 4032x3024 image to ‘data/reversevendingmachine/test_Aluminium_Cans_outpu/0.jpg’
[image] imageWriter – failed to save ‘data/reversevendingmachine/test_Aluminium_Cans_outpu/0.jpg’

[TRT] ------------------------------------------------
[TRT] Timing Report models/reversevendingmachine/resnet18.onnx
[TRT] ------------------------------------------------
[TRT] Pre-Process CPU 0.07688ms CUDA 2.12099ms
[TRT] Network CPU 124.07505ms CUDA 121.53630ms
[TRT] Post-Process CPU 0.39818ms CUDA 0.42063ms
[TRT] Total CPU 124.55011ms CUDA 124.07791ms
[TRT] ------------------------------------------------

Hi @m012110024, do you have a directory called data/reversevendingmachine/test_Aluminium_Cans_outpu on your system? It seems like a typo. You need to create the folder before imagenet/imagenet.py can write to it.

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