Falling back to GPU

Hello everyone,
When I ran xavier with “./trtexec --avgRuns=100 --deploy=./ResNet-50-deploy.prototxt --fp16 --batch=8 --iterations=10 --output=prob --useDLACore=1 --useSpinWait --allowGPUFallback”
I got below message. reverse image search
Default DLA is enabled but layer prob is not running on DLA, falling back to GPU.

Is this mean that only ‘prob’ layer in the resnet50 run on GPU and the others on NVDLA? all layers on GPU?

and I want to know how to monitor xavier. is there any tool to it?

Dear iamramondreddington,
That meand only prob layer is running on gpu nand other layers on DLA. You can check using tegrastats and nvprof