fan and zed cam

i had bought the TX1 and the fan dose not work
and i have a zed camera and the zedexploler only work , te other dose not work

Because of the low power requirements I wouldn’t expect the fan to be needed most of the time. A properly working JTX1 may show a slight burst of fan use for a fraction of a second at the moment power is applied…after that the fan will normally be off unless something causes higher power drain and thus temperature going up.

About your problem on the ZED, you should give more explanation.

I had a similar problem with a ZED that was physically connected on the USB 3.0 port but the JTX1 attached the camera on a virtual USB 2.0.
As consequence, the most of the tools instead of ZED Explorer didn’t work because (I think) tools detect first if the better resolution is available, if not they say you that you should be connected on a USB 3.0 port.
Finally, I had to contact Stereolabs and ask for a RMA, the old ZED should have a problem with the USB 3.0 wire.

Check this forum post out before you RMA your camera