Fan Control and Temperature

Hello, I’m studding System Software and I’m trying to do a little program/software or a circuit with a arduino micro-controller to develop a program to control my computer temperature by accessing my Graphic Card Temperature and Fan Control.

I know that NVIDIA and my Graphic Card manufacturer already have a software to control my fan but its a little bit buggy and when I start my windows it sometimes only stay on background and don’t control the fan, so I was thinking, maybe I can do a software to control Fan Speed to control my computer Temperature.

So my questions are:

  1. Can I access my graphic card Temperature and Fan Speed in order to control it without interfering with my graphic card performance, like an external application to control fan speed.

  2. To access my graphic card temperature and fan speed I think I need the NVIDIA variables to access that information or can I just request it to my graphic card in order to use it to develop my software.

Other Informations:
Graphic Card: EVGA GTX 950 SC