Fan stop working after tx2 boots up

I am having problem in Tx2 with Astro Carrier board with Fan switching off automatically after the system boots up.


  • Initially I flashed the tx2 on Devkit with Jetpack 4.4.1 using SDK Manager, Everything works fine on DevKit including fan. When I put this flashed SOM on my Astro Carrier board, usb does not work, but fan works properly even after the device is completely booted up.
  • As per Documentation of Astro board, I need to install the Customised BSP layer for it to be fully compatible .

So I went ahead and downloaded the Latest release for CTI-L4T Bsp layer (L4T r32.4.4 - Jetpack -4.4.1 which is release like 2 weeks ago only as per release notes)

I followed the instruction on the install guide of CTI-L4T and flashed the SOM using Devkit with this customised BSP layer.

  • After Flashing, Devkit boots the device but there’s NO HDMI output from it. When I connect the SOM to Astro Carrier board, HDMI output is coming on the astro board and now USB also starts working, But as soon as the device boots up, Fan switches off when the login screen comes up on the monitor.

Following is the summary for what I just explained above

  • Has someone verified the CTI-L4T BSP layer for jetpack 4.4.1, it has been released recently so thought of posting it here, any leads would be very helpful

FYI: @cnoble-cti

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