Fan stops when boot fails


We are using custom board based on Jetson Orin NX module.
I am noticing that during boot fan turns on briefly and then turns off during OS boot and will later turn on if OS boots, but for some reason if OS does not boot, fan remains off and board gets hot.
I was wondering if there is a way to set to have fan always running during boot, until atleast OS boots.

Hi sujeet0glyd,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Fan is controlled by nvfancontrol service. You can disable it and use sysfs to control fan, but they are available after the board boot up.

May I know what do you mean about “some reason” causing boot up failed?

I am using jetpack 5.1.2.

We are still investigating what is causing boot failure, likely theory is we did not have /opt/ota_package on root file system and /opt was present in it’s own file system, so “/opt/ota_package” was not available during boot. Is this correct that /opt/ota_package" is required on root fs

I think /opt/ota_package is not necessary if you are not performing OTA update.
But it should exist in rootfs by default, do you remove them due to any requirement?

Please share the full serial console log for boot fail issue.

Here is the cause of boot failure.
We did some customization of root fs. We split root fs into multiple partitions, thinking that will reduce the chance of root fs corruption.

Here is how file system is split.├─nvme0n1p16 ext4 ac1df97e-65db-4f2c-996f-168d08af087d 14G 37% /
├─nvme0n1p17 swap f64b6818-0643-4600-b434-7ebc354d1365 [SWAP]
├─nvme0n1p18 ext4 6165fa51-58ba-4e40-a5d3-d471e3e92122 163.5M 0% /config
├─nvme0n1p19 ext4 32224211-ab21-4151-aa95-7bc61fe63d5b 20.6G 25% /var
├─nvme0n1p20 ext4 645659fb-225b-4249-957b-f6ea38d7f170 15.8G 14% /usr/local
└─nvme0n1p21 ext4 5c85879d-c169-41f3-94a8-706f3b0dc035 11.2G 28% /opt

We are seeing that with this multi-partition approach, we are seeing that
nv-l4t-bootloader-config.service is not run as it’s path is from /opt/nvidia/l4t-bootloader-config/ is from /opt partition and not in root so likely when it was started path did not exists.

As a result boot is not marked successful and after 3 failures.
*In the UEFI menu. Device Manager > NVIDIA Configuration > L4T Configuration > OS chain A status, becomes “Unbootable”

When the above happens, the Orin board starts the fan but stops it during the boot process and the board keeps getting hot, until the above is changed manually through UEFI.

I would like you to confirm if the above cause is what would happen with multi-partition setup and second case would be is there a way to set up a fan to run during boot and have the option to keep it running during boot as there could be other cases in which boot could fail on 3 consecutive attempts.

I will also share the console log on failure.

minicom.txt (382.5 KB)
Attaching console with 3 reboot, and showing thre problem

It is not the expected behavior to me. nv-l4t-bootloader-config.service should be loaded successfully after boot up, or you will enter into recovery kernel after 3 times retires by default.

It seems you have custom partition layout in your custom board.
Could you revert them to original and check if your fan can work as expected?
Or just check if you can reproduce the issue on the devkit.

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