Farm db permission issues and log location

Hello nvidia,
I am using the farm to generate the thumbnails. 3 or four images will render ( when running 3 or 4 clients) and then nothing is happening anymore. I started with the queue on linux running headless. I often noticed the script had failed with an exception insqlite, about the database being locked.

Restarting the queue would give me 3 or 4 renders again, and then the same issue ( which does not show up anywhere, except in the terminal I use to start the headless queue)

To make it easier on myself, I switched the queue to a windows machine, launched from launcher. However, the same thing is happening, a few images and then nothing. I would like to look at the log file for the queue application, could you tell me where this is stored?


ps. last week I had the queue up and running and rendered a few thousand images, however all the tasks running on a windows client would show “starting” as the status, even though got done.