Fashion Minds - Face ID and preferences


I’ve read this article - and I want to create mini-project (in the next time- it will be a startup - who knows)

Will be high to make personalize discounts and recommendations in clothing stores… for example :

  • you’re the first time in the store (make/combine Datasets ) for unique Face ID
  • your next time in the store = analyze your (tracking, orders and something else…)
  • if you had orders = make preferences and create Mind map preferences for ID and generate Data to the Dashboard

For deployment (I think…)

  • Jetson TX2 or Nano (it will be perfect and not expensive for prototyping)
  • Two parallels mode of work = for create new classification ID Face (collection Data) and method of Recognition
  • One serv for learning (for each week) transfer Data and Learning Neural Network … nad of course back to new Face ID model to devices in the store.


  • gender identify
  • age
  • Frequency visit (use Face ID)
  • Recognition Clothes what you are choosing or choose

I think it will be interesting. What do you think about it? (Please comment …)