Fastboot/uboot for TX1

Can fastboot be used for TX1 as first stage bootloader and uboot as 2nd stage bootloader?

Fastboot can flash EMMC partitions without complicated “” and can be used to boot Android.

I have built and tested u-boot for TX1 but not sure how to make it as second state bootloader from fastboot.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

I expect it would be a lot of work, but it can probably be done. Fastboot merely executes by transfer to a hidden partition as binary code…normally a kernel. I have never tried it, but there isn’t any reason you couldn’t put something there other than the kernel, e.g., a u-boot binary, which could then do its usual boot sequence. I have no idea how much adjustment or change would be required.

I agree it’s non-trivial, someone implemented chain loading u-boot from fastboot on Samsung: