Faster RCNN on Deepstream 5.0

I successfully installed deepstream -5.0 on my Jetson Nano. I have also trained a faster rcnn model using TLT 2.0 and generated the appropriate .engine file.

My goal is to deploy it using deepstream 5.0, i am following the instructions here to install the respective pre requisites:

The 2 pre requsities were installing the custom parsers which i successfully did using this repository (the metropolis documentation mentioned a link to gitlab which is broken) and the other one is downloading the Tensor RT open source to get the custom plugins specifically: cropandresize plugin and the proposal plugin.

So, I am trying to install this as mentioned onto my jetson nano:

It is not installing at all; any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi ishan,

Please install TensorRT through JatPack 4.4 DP by SDK Manager.
See Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

The instructions explicitly say that the frcnn need the open source Tensor RT version:

Prerequisite for FasterRCNN model

  1. FasterRCNN requires the cropAndResizePlugin and the proposalPlugin. This plugin is available in the TensorRT open source repo, but not in TensorRT 7.0. Detailed instructions to build TensorRT OSS can be found in TensorRT Open Source Software (OSS).

Attached are the results I am getting when running frcnn on deepstream 5.0; clearly there is something missing in terms of the proposal plugin. Because, these exact frames are yielding perfect results using the same exact model on TLT 2.0.


Could you share the error message do you meet?
You can follow this page for the installation:



We are recommended to try our latest TLT apps here:

This is the newest examples we released with DS5.0 and TLT2.0.