Fastest extenal HDD/SSD to AGX Drive?


what are the fastest external HDD/SSD to be connected to AGX Drive?
Which one is the best interface for a fast ext. storage?

There are USB3.1, eSATA and PCIe (Mini-SAS) connectors.
I expect the Mini-SAS to be the fastest one supporting 12Gbps.
However, SFF-8644 cables have to be connected to the Mini-SAS interfaces.

Which hard disks and which interface cables maybe connected to these connectors in order to get the fastest transfer rate to the external storage?

There is DriveWorks SDK Reference: High Throughput Recording saying, that the fastest data-capturing should be done via USB3.0 interface. Is this still up-to-date? or is this a historic document. USB3.0 is 5Gbps, only.

What are the fastest HDD/SSD to be connected to AGX drive, today?
And which interface to use?
Please let us also know the interface cable.


PCIe (Mini-SAS) could connect to external storage but it need dedicated designed adaptor board.
USB3 PD is easier to access.