Fastest Quadro GPU for graphics


I’m looking for the best GPU to do rendering in quad-buffered stereo. The stereo (and syncing between a couple of PC’s) means Quadro+Sync is the only way to go.
But as I look at Quadro 6000 and K5000 specs, I’m not sure which one is faster for pure graphics (we’re not doing any OpenCL stuff). The specifications are confusing: the 6000 uses ~200W vs 120W for the K5000, the memory interface on the 6000 is wider (384 bits) but the bandwidth is lower. Gigaflops is way lower on the 6000 vs the K5000.

Any ideas which might be the fastest graphics solution? Or would I need to get a QuadroPlex 7000?


I went to the similar dilemma and finally settled on K5000 as it is based on newer Kepler architecture and has far more CUDA cores.