Fatal error installing 340.46 drivers on GT420M

Hi. I am using elementary OS (ubuntu-based). I have an integrated Intel graphic card, and a dedicated Nvidai GT420M I had several problems with a game, and in its own forums the developers recommended me to update the drivers. As I had the 304 drivers, I wen to the website and searched for the newest drivers for my GT420M for Linux 64bits. I downloaded them and installed. In the beggining the script told me that my GPU wasn’t supported, and asked me if I wanted to cancell or continue. As I donwloaded it from the website, I thought it might be a problem due to the dedicated-integrated duality, and proceed. When I reboot, the graphic system was over and I got a message that said something like “Stopping System V runlevel compatibility”, and also I couldn’t get into the tty. I went to the recovery mode and in root mode I downloaded the nvidia-current, but nothing happend after installing it, so I installed the nvidia-331. After that, I could see the graphical mode, but I can’t get more than a resolution like 640x640, and I get the message error that the system coul’dn reach the 1600x769 resolution [or something like that]. I tried to uninstall by “sudo apt-get remove *.bin --uninstall” and that things and got nothing. I don’t know what else to do now. Please, there is any way to make a clean installation of drivers? Might be an issue with the Intel graphic card?

I didn’t put here the " /var/log/nvidia-installer.log " because of the many times I downloaded and installed nvidia drivers.

In the recovery mode I also tried the dpkg mode, and it tried to install many graphic libraries and drivers, but it gave me an error that now I cannot rememeber. It was something like it couln’t connect to launchpad.com or get access to some ppa:

Thank you for your attention!