Fatal PCIe error

Hi, I have a Z820 workstation with 2 nvidia cards (Quadro 6000 and Tesla C2075) and I have a common problem:

The monitor turns off and soon returned saying “Blast graph stopped working and recovered” …

setting “Maximum Performance” in graphics settings and OK … and a few days ago appeared black screen saying:

"928-PCIe Fatal Error.
6 Slot PCIe error detected
Completion timeout

QUADRO card:
-is in slot 5 (PCI v2.0)
-Speed ​​is 5 GT / s

Testla card
-is in slot 6 (PCI v3.0)
-Speed ​​is 2.5 GT / s


I have the same issue.

I solved it in a silly way:

  1. Plug out K20, leave only Q(K)6000(4000) in Z820;
  2. Install Ubuntu;
  3. Install NVIDIA driver from CUDA installer or Ubuntu;
  4. Plug back K20;
  5. Install CUDA toolkit and sample;
  6. Done

If anyone knows a better way that doesn’t need to plug out and in K20, please leave a message.