fatbinary fatal : Could not open input file '/tmp/tmpxft_00005b73_00000000-13_lem1.sm_35.cubin'

I have just been setting up two servers to run my landscape evolution model. The first compiled and ran code without error, the second through up the following
fatbinary fatal : Could not open input file ‘/tmp/tmpxft_00005b73_00000000-13_lem1.sm_35.cubin’

I checked that /tmp had read write access and now I am uncertain what to do next.
(n.b. this is running on Ubuntu 14.04 lts with code compiled in Nsight eclipse using a MATE desktop).

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in anticipation of your help.


how big is the 2nd server’s swap partition?

are the 2 servers identical in terms of hardware?

what devices are installed in the 2nd server?

Apologies for the delay in responding. I cured the problem by reinstalling CUDA. The servers are identical, each with a mixture of K40s and K80s. Anyhow everything is working as intended now.