Faulty RJ45 Port on Jetson Nano

I recently received the Jetson Nano Developer Kit and flashed and booted it up. First time trying to connect it to the internet via RJ45/ethernet cable, it had some strange behavior. When an ethernet cable is plugged in it intermittently loses connection every half second or so. I have tried multiple ethernet cables and tested all of them to ensure that it was not a defective cable. Currently an ethernet cable is plugged in between the jetson nano and my laptop and I can see under my network manager the nano being detected for a split second before losing connection. I can also see the green indicator light on the RJ45 port lighting up for a split second before turning off and repeating in this manner. At this point I believe it to be a hardware problem and was instructed to inquire here by support representatives.

Hi, have you tried another computer/laptop? And do you have the log info which might be helpful to check what happened?

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Hello. Yes i tested all of that. I was instructed to post here even though i was 99% sure it was a hardware error. This was a hot project so I didnt have time to wait for RMA’s or the nonsense of fixing a hardware issue by posting on a forum. I orifinally purchased this from the amazon nvidia store so I went through the amazon replacement process and had a new working jetson in less than 24 hours. This one does not have the same issues and works perfectly.

Thank you for your help though! All is well now.

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