fbdev driver

Currently console resolution is very low with nvidia graphics driver, shipping some fbdev would allow fast switching between graphical virtual terminal and console virtual terminal and also native screen resolution on virtual console terminal.

Recently Nvidia added (in 364) KMS support, so the driver is ready for this change.

Are there any plans to include long-awaited fbdev driver? Maybe in 370?

It looks like fbdev is being gradually abandoned in favor of KMS-based solutions. It doesn’t mean nVidia is going to implement it any time soon, but maybe it could come along with full KMS/Wayland compatibility.

As a side note, I think these changes are welcome and have pretty much been wanted for a long time. I really hope everything will come along as soon as possible, as X11 and fbdev are the most outdated pieces of software used today in Linux, and there will be only benefits for end users. nVidia hasn’t been really helpful in this (nevertheless) important transition.