FBO Atttachment GL_Texture_2D Gl_RGBA32F Unsupported resource type


I am using one FBO with 4 color attachments as a double ping pong. I bind 2 attachments as render targets and 2 attachments as textures.
When looking at the draw event in the Framedebugger I can see the contents of the first render target attachment. When i try to switch to the second render target by pressing “n” I am getting an “Unsupported resource type” message box in the HUD of the Frame Debugger.

Is this a bug?

Same FBO, when i draw to all 4 Attachments at the same time i can cycle throuhg all render targets. The problem seems to come when I draw to 2 Attachments and read from the other 2.

Experiencing the same thing for my transparency ping pong rendering. But when I open FB in the according event and click on the Rendertarget which is currently attached as draw-to then I am able to see the results.