FBX Character's coming to the Omniverse without expressions

Hi everyone;

When I bring an FBX character to the omniverse create screen, it lost expressions. How can I solve this issue?

I’d like to explain the process that I did first to you.

I created a character CC4 and animated it in iClone8. After I exported these character with MotionPlus( Motion+visime+expression) as an FBX file for C4D and 3dS Max. Animation works on these platforms perfectly. When I call the characters into the Omniverse screen for rendering, Expressions don’t come. Only motions and visimes come, no eye-lip or eyebrow motions.
To try,
I exported the character as a USD file from iclone8 then it works perfectly in the omniverse with MotionPlus
I exported the character as an FBX file from iclone8 then it works perfectly in C4D and 3DS_Max with MotionPlus,
Then I used the same FBX file with animation on the omniverse but the expressions don’t work in the Omniverse Create.
How can I use these FBX files with emotions on the Omniverse screen?
Please could you share info about if you have, how can I call expressions to the omniverse screen or tide up the character? Thanks a lot

Hello @gurol.arslan! Could you provide us with a copy of your source file so that we can help troubleshoot the issue. You can sent it over to me here: omniversecommunity@nvidia-omniverse.atlassian.net

Hi Wendy;
Sure, I’ll send it soon. Thank you very much.