FC5 Patch on Current Release Page


I am trying to install 6.1-4 on Fedora Core 5. I found the patch on your Current Release Page and installed it. The compiler still won’t work. Should it be working with this patch?

Based on other posts here, it appears that the compiler won’t work on FC5 until you release 6.1-5. Is that correct? If so, will 6.1-5 be available on May 4, 2006 as stated in one of the other posts here? Thanks for your help.


Hi Ron,

Sorry about that Ron. I got word that they’ve fixed the patch so that 6.1-4 will now install on FC5. 6.1-5 will include this patch as well. Hopefully we can get 6.1-5 out on May 4th as scheduled but QA has found a few last minute issues so it might be delayed a few days.

  • Mat

FYI, 6.1-5 did get released on May 4th and does support Fedora Core 5.