FC5 patch?


Is there an unsupported FC5 patch for 6.1 yet (in the same way there was for FC4 and 6.0) available from trs@pgroup.com ? I know the official support is likely to be in the next release, as we’ve already had one release (6.1-4) since FC5 came out and you guys are good about such things, but just hoping there’s something to try out.

( Btw, the installation FAQ is out of date and listing 6.1-1 as the latest … )

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Hi Andy,

We expect to be able to support FC5 with the May 4th release of 6.1-5. However, we’re still in the validation process and given that FC5 has a new glibc version, we could find problems that might delay support. Initial testing looks good though.

Also, I’ll let our web master know about the wrong “latest version”. Thanks for spotting this.

  • Mat