FCC Certificaiton for TX2 4 GB Module

Hi, we are in the process of getting FCC and UL certification for our product, which contains a TX2. However, we plan on switching to the TX2 4GB Module when it is released.

We are wondering if:

  1. Anyone has insight as to whether or not our product will require recertification if nothing else besides the TX2 changes and
  2. If the FCC / UL certification number will stay the same for the TX2 and TX2 4GB Module - if they do then this will help answer our question.

We would prefer not to have to re-certify our product in a couple months for what seems like a very small change.


Hi, you need to talk to your FCC certification vendor and discuss the changes. If you did not use the jetson TX2 radio, then it may be a simple self certification paper work exercise, if you are using an alternate radio that may be more complicated.