FCC Compliance Certification


While looking for FCC document related to Jetson Nano SOM, we found a document with model no: P3448. We would like to know

  1. Does the above model number corresponds to Jetson Nano SoM?
  2. We are planning to use Wi-Fi/BT in our design. So, we would like to know if the SoM was FCC tested along with any Wi-Fi/BT module.

P3448_US_CA_DoC.pdf (716.5 KB)

Yes, 3448 is the P/N for Nano SoM, please check Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

For WiFi module, please check Jetson Nano Supported Component List

Thanks for the details. I have one doubt related to the Jetson Nano supported List. Is the Intel Wi-fi module mentioned, FCC tested for intentional emission along with SOM or is it only functional tested. If FCC tested, our intention is to use the same moule for FCC certification of our device.

There is no built-in WiFi chip on Nano SoM, so the relevant tested are combind with FCC certified WiFi module, that means you can find the cerfified WiFi module from market to test with Nano.

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