FDP Link III serializer/deserializer


I’m quite new in this forum and in the world of processor and camera interfaces, sorry if I’m posting wrongly this topic here.

I’m considering buying a Jetson Xavier NX developer kit for a medical project. I need to acquire camera images from a sensor camera positioned at 10-15 meters far. The sensor will communicate in MIPI-CSI2 protocol, but for the distance issue, I’ll need to use a serializer/deserializer module. Based on fast web research, I found out that FDP-Link III works quite well for this purpose.

My question here is: does the Xavier NX has an embedded deserializer module for FDP-Link III? If not, is this module present on different Nvidia platforms (Jetson TX2, AGX, nano …)?
Can you please provide me some documentation/references on this topic?


Hello @andrea.ciullo,

To answer your questions, neither the Xavier NX or other Jetson models have an integrated FPD-Link deserializer module on them. Maybe there could be some custom carrier that comes with it but I can’t tell as far as I know.

Even thought that, we have worked on the past on enabling Serializer-Deserializer or SerDes drivers on Jetson platforms including the Xavier NX for the FPD-Link technology, and have created some references that you can use to ease your investigation:


And we also have a showcase demo of the technology working:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want assistance in driver or application development. You can read more about our services at:

Please if you have any question or if there is any other doubt that I might be able to support you with I will gladly help.

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Roberto Gutierrez
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