[FEA] Will/When dwcgf support running over 2 DriveOrinDevkitSoc?

Required Info:

  • Software Version
    DRIVE OS 6.0.6
  • Target OS
  • SDK Manager Version
  • Host Machine Version
    native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS DOCKER Containers

Describe the bug

In the docs of dwcgf, I can see a lot of configurations which implies that there would be more than 1 SoC that running with dwcgf-app.

    "resources": {
        "TegraA": {
            "CPU": ["CPU0", "CPU1", "CPU2", "CPU3", "CPU4", "CPU5"],
            "GPU": ["dGPU"]
        "TegraB": {
  • the process layer configuration of dwcgf-app can be more than 1 tegra devices, see machine0, machine0, driverorks-5.10/src/cgf/graphs/descriptions/systems/CGFDemo.app.json
"processes": {
        "ssm": {
            "runOn": "machine0",
            "executable": "SSM/vanillassm",
            "logSpec": "file:{{logpath}}/{{appname}}.log"
        "schedule_manager": {
            "runOn": "machine0",
            "executable": "ScheduleManager",
            "argv": {
                "--enableScheduleSwitching": "true",
                "--scheduleManagerHostIP": "",
                "--scheduleManagerHostPort": "40100",
                "--scheduleManagerNumClients": "5"
        "sensor_sync_server": {
            "runOn": "machine0",
            "executable": "sensor_sync_server",
            "logSpec": "file:{{logpath}}/{{appname}}.log",
            "argv": {
                "--syncServerHostPort": "40001",
                "--cameraGroup": "0",
                "--radarGroup": "0",
                "--imuGpsCanGroup": "0"
        "stm_master": {
            "runOn": "machine0",
            "executable": "stm_master",
            "logSpec": "file:{{logpath}}/{{appname}}.log",
            "argv": {
                "--allow-unregistered-runnables": true,
                "--timeout-us": "600000000",
                "--log": "stm_sreport",
                "--soc": "TegraA",
                "-m": true,
                "-v": true
        "camera_pipeline0": {
            "runOn": "machine0",
            "executable": "LoaderLite",
            "subcomponents": [
            "argv": {
                "--nodeInitThreadPoolSize": "7",
                "--channelBindingThreadPoolSize": "7"

To run C2C nvscistream PCIE broadcast:
On Dual Firespray Tegra A:
sudo ./sample_cgf_dwchannel --type=NVSCI --prod-stream-names=nvscic2c_pcie_s0_c6_1:nvscic2c_pcie_s0_c6_2 --prod-reaches=chip:chip
On Dual Firespray Tegra B:
sudo ./sample_cgf_dwchannel --type=NVSCI --cons-stream-names=nvscic2c_pcie_s0_c5_1:nvscic2c_pcie_s0_c5_2 --cons-reaches=chip:chip


What are these configs mean in the dwcgf app.json?


Can dwcgf run over 2 OrinDevkits in DriveSDK6.0.6?

There is an answer NO in Creating a custom hello world application and integration - Driveworks CGF - #21 by SivaRamaKrishnaNV

But I would like the double confirmation.


Will this feature be available in the future release of dwcgf?


When will this feature be availble, in which release of sdk?

Dear @lizhensheng,
There are some issues with C2C when using CGF sample. The issue got fixed in later release. Currently, I don’t have visibility on next release date. I will check and update you once we finalize the next release date.

Is it a blocker for your development?

Thanks for your answer! Are these issues got fixed in the version of 6.0.7?

After reading PCIe Hot-Plug not working (nvidia.com) , we are purchasing the cables.


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