[Feature] G-Sync/Freesync under Wayland Session

According to the Nvidia employee who is doing the merge request, there likely won’t be much of a difference until Nvidia actually releases a driver to support the new protocol.

Might be wrong though. We might still have a little bit of waiting to do even after the merge so that everything can get wrapped up on both ends.

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@amrits , is GSync expected to not work in dual monitor wayland setups? For me, Gsync only works if I have one of my monitors off. That monitor does not have gsync.

@amrits Heya, sorry to bother, just a quick question - can we expect for the upcoming 550 driver update to fix VRR only working when 1 monitor is active ?

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550.54.14 did not fix multi monitor vrr.


is there any hope?

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Nvidia bros… it’s so hecking over.

RDNA 4 👀

Edit: Editing to unhide. Moderators, this is in fact on topic. AMD has had working VRR with multiple monitors on Wayland for quite some time.

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