Feature proposal/request

I’m working with the 4.0 RC1 in visual studio.
Here are some ideas that would help a lot and are hopefully easy to implement

Shader List Window

  • Add filter box as in resource view window
  • If possible: Beside the function name show also debug name

Focus picker CS

  • Show also global thread id
  • In the buffers list only the view is shown. Show also the corresponding resource (and link to resource window when clicked)

Focus picker PS

  • You should mention in the documentation that the selected pixel can be selected with a double click on the map

Event Window

  • A click on a none-draw/dispatch event should also move the selection in the scrubber window to the next corresponding draw call
  • The draw call should show the current pixel or compute shader (also able to open the file with a double click for debugging)
  • If the same shader file is part of multiple draw calls, it should be possible to define that breakpoints are only hit for the selected draw call in the event list.

Resource window (All resources)

  • You should mention in the documentation that a name filter with wildcard can be reached with ('Name') > 'RequestedFilter' as (‘Name’) == 'RequestedFilter’ only filters for the exact name
  • The tiles should be larger so that longer and useful names can be displayed at once
  • The resource info section should be stacked on top of the available views section and not at the side so that the text is not cut.

Api Window (all windows with shaders)

  • There is a link to the source code file, but it would be nice to show also the name of the function beside this link

Thank you


Many thanks for the detailed and great feedback!
I’ll be going through this and getting back to you on any comments.