Feature request: activate all Add key buttons

I am finally studying the new camera aim function, shown here:

I do not want to use the points to move my camera aim object now.
I just want to animate my camera the most simple and effective way, with the new Curve Editor.

So watch this short video please:

I have a sphere that is the camera aim target.
If I move it, the “add key” button on the Curve Editor does not work.
It only works at the Timeline…

Please fix this :)

Hello @pekka.varis! I created a ticket for the development team to fix this issue. Thank you for reporting it!

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(An internal development ticket was created from this post: OM-49825: Add Key button does not in work Curve Editor when targeted camera is moved)

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Thanks Wendy!!

Hi @pekka.varis

This add key function is different to the Key all function. It only adds a key onto the selected curves and allows for more granular keyframing per curve.
Because it’s function is add key to selected curve - If a curve does not exist - it cannot create a key - similar to autokey.
We are improving this experience where in the future it won’t require a curve to pre-exist to use autokey.

But you can also use the hot key Alt S to key all which I imagine is a better solution for your specific request here.

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Got it, thanks Ronan!

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