Feature request: animate fog parametes and camera iris

I am experimenting with this quite large factory environment scene:

Here is my first RTX real-time render:

What I would need for shot like this is:

  1. animate fog distance and instensity

  2. adjust and animate camera iris. Now you have a f-stop but it is only effecting
    the DOF, not the exposure of camera.

As you can see the hall is a bit too bright from inside, and cannot control that now.
Automatic exposure is a nice idea, but it pumps too much no matter what speed setting I used.

Jiihaa! I found the camera f-number / f-stop that I was looking for:

animating this is my request :)

Here is the shot with corrected camera f-stop exposure value:

But playing with this large scene is too slow to be fun. I gotta take out the most coolest factory gadgets and import them to this enviroment:

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Animating post process values is indeed on the roadmap! They’ll soon become a prim in the scene which can be animated like anything else. Thanks for backing up this request!


Are we able to animate post processing effects like animating depth of field (DOF)?

DOF can be animated with camera keyframes. See this video:

at the time 3.30 the DOF is shown, and these values are redorded with camera keyframes.

Camera animation extension:

time 2.00