Feature Request: AnisoMPM for State-of-the-Art Soft-Body Damage Simulations

AnisoMPM SIGGRAPH 2020 presentation:

Although not yet shown in the PhysX documentation, the PhysX SDK webpage indicates Material Point Method (MPM) simulations are to be supported. I assume Nvidia is internally working on integrating work from this research paper by researchers from Nvidia China and Tencent into PhysX.

Joshua Wolper from UPenn Applied Mechanics has been publishing very interesting research surrounding MPM. AnisoMPM simulates realistic tearing / breaking / stretching mechanics of anisotropic, transversely isotropic, and orthotropic materials.

The AnisoMPM project page includes links to the research paper and source code.

AnisoMPM ran on an “Intel i7-9700K CPU with 8 threads at 3.60 GHz”. Without GPU acceleration, simulating a broke fracture required 30 minutes to calculate a single frame in the animation.

AnisoMPM is an augmentation of MPM, and the paper describes it as “easy to implement in existing solvers”.

This seems like an excellent candidate for integration into PhysX and Isaac Sim and would narrow the Sim2Real gap for soft body problems.

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Same expectation,This is definitely the most amazing effect of all real-time physical simulations