Feature Request: Benchmark App

My company is currently benchmarking NVIDIA GPUs to determine what would be best for our Visualization needs. Through this process I am testing numerous GPU rendering benchmarks like Vray, Maverick, and OctaneBench. While doing this I thought it would be great to have an Omniverse Benchmark App. Something that can benchmark all the things that Omniverse can leverage and give quality results for different GPUs.

While I can create a Visualization rendering sample of one of our projects I don’t have something to build a quality benchmark to test things like sim, flow, and anything else that leverages the various cores in the GPU.

Mati may have run this by the dev team as I started the idea on Discord, but wanted to add it here to see if anyone else had any thoughts.


Hello @eric.craft.MH! That would be rather handy to have! I’ll create a feature request ticket and make sure the Mati knows about it as well.

A feature request ticket was created from this post: OM-74310: Benchmark App

@WendyGram thank you let me know if they need anything else from me and how this is progressing. I just know that Omniverse can leverage the GPU for more than rendering and the benchmark can help my internal business case on why we may or may not need something like an A5000 or A6000 over a 3090 or 4090 for current and future business cases.