Feature request: Better DOF control

You just released the Create 2022.1.2 update and asked for feature requests. Here is one! I would love to have a control for the camera DOF like this:

“Normal” is as it is now in Omniverse, but I sometimes need to have ONLY the near field of my visible area to be out of focus. Sometimes only the far background. I know this is somehow possible with normal camera settings, but its hard to control.

In real life, here is one example ( no DOF at all firtst ):

I would like to have only the near ( floor in this case ) to be out of focus:

I understand this is against the optical rules, but maybe you can hack this kind of control to us?

Thank you for the request, @pekka.varis. I summitted this information over to the development team!

(An internal ticket was created from this post: OM-50121: Better DOF control)

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