[FEATURE REQUEST] Launcher Button Behavior Change

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, happy to post somewhere else if that would help.

This is a minor user experience issue, but when using the Library section of the launcher and clicking the triple bar icon next to a particular app, the “Settings” button appears. At present, in order to reach the settings menu, the user is required to click on the text “Settings” (or more accurately, the bounding rectangle of this text) within this button, and this often leads to users (myself included) mis-clicking and having to try again.

As there doesn’t seem to be any particular advantage to requiring the text be clicked rather than the gray space around it, it would be nice if this behavior were altered to allow the user to click the entire rectangle in the case where only one option is present. If you don’t want the entire menu space to correspond to the first button, adding a larger bounding box around the text and giving it a different color than the background might help the issue as well.


EDIT: Looking through more of my apps (I was only looking at one when I first wrote this), it seems like the version options in this menu behave correctly, so it should be a simple matter of adjusting the code for the “Settings” button to match that of the version buttons.

Thanks, I was looking for a launcher topic when creating the post but must have missed it.

Also, in case it helps, here is a screenshot of the button to which I am referring in the post:

Thanks for the UI suggestion. I will pass this along.

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