[Feature Request] Nsight Systems (Windows Portable Edition)

I would be appreciate Nsight Systems supports Windows Portable Edition.

For my case, I cannot install application on my environment.
Currently I am transfering GUI by XRDP to my Windows Environment.
If it supports windows portable environment. the windows desktop can run as hostmachine.
Of course, target machine is another one.

As for wireshark, it supports windows portable format. And can see the pcap file.

Just a simple request, if it is not heavy please consider it.

I am sorry that there was no response to this earlier, your forum post was dropped in an orphaned category that the Nsys team was unaware of until this afternoon.

What is the problem you are trying to solve by running Nsys on Windows Portable Edition. The GUI is available on Linux/Windows/Mac to target Linux/Windows and the CLI is available everywhere (and you can copy the qdrep file to use from any system with an installed version.

I assume you have a system with a full OS somewhere that you are actually running on?

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Thank you for response.

I am currently using following OSes.(current)

Desktop(Windows) => XRDP(running Nsight Systems) => Target(CUDA running)

The reason for redundant measurement configuration is that my Desktop is not fully controllable.
(It cannot install any application only given application can use)

I want to use following configuration to reduce GUI setup.

1)Desktop(windows with Nsight Systems) => Target(CUDA running)
2)Desktop(windows) => Target(CUDA running with XRDP and Nsight systems)

  1. for Windows Porable case.
  2. for Container supports both CUDA and XRDP.

Is this answer for your question?

For this situation, it really seems like it would be much simpler to just run the Nsys CLI on the Target system and then view the results on the Windows system.

What is the hardware on the target? (is it a Jetson system?)

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What is the hardware on the target? (is it a Jetson system?)

I am using Tesla system (A100).

Yeah, I am afraid my best suggestion is to use the CLI on the target.

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